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Tropical Lawns grows 10 varieties of grass to suit the many applications where turf can be used. Many of these varieties have been developed for specific uses and are protected by plant variety rights to protect their integrity, that is, to be certain that they are grown by professionals who will maintain purity of strain and present them to clients in a weed and pest free state.

All varieties and products have been extensively tested in our tropical climate, to ensure they are the best suited to the job at hand.

Additionally, aspects of keeping turf fresh and methods of reducing composting in the pallets have been tested to give it the best chance of survival. For example, turf harvested in high temperatures (above 25 deg C) will start composting. The higher the temperature at harvest, the faster turf in the pallets will heat up, which means it will spoil relatively quickly. Best practice is to reduce the time from harvest to delivery and laying to the minimum possible. In some cases, turf is road or barge transported for three days to remote areas, like the Torres Strait Islands, and special packing requirements have been developed to minimize risk.

The main applications for Tropical Lawns turf is:

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