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Cairns Turf – Stops Erosion – Good for the Environment

Sustainability today and in the future is the mantra for turf operations at Tropical Lawns. Healthy, disease resistant grass, suited to tolerate drought, require less fertilizer and stabilize the soil surface, is what we strive to grow and provide to our customers.

Stopping Erosion

Turf is nature’s best form of controlling loss of surface soil. A strong stolon, rhizome and root system binds soil particles and forms an impervious barrier to wind and water, up to the point where water velocity exceeds 2 metres per second, when the soil becomes the failure point and is washed from around the roots.

Of course in tropical areas, monsoonal downpours are not uncommon so the quest was to find a turf that could resist high water velocity. Tropical Lawns is licensee to STAYTURF which does not contain soil: rather it is turf grown into organic, jute fibre matting, reinforced with a UV-stabilised mesh. It is an engineered product tested by Griffith University and widely used by local councils, Main Roads and developers who need immediate erosion control.

In the Cairns area, large installations of STAYTURF have taken place during the monsoon season, on occasion in waterways just compacted, with a stream already running. Results were impressive, runoff water turning from red to clear in a very short period. Any turf variety required can be produced for individual situations, and can be cut to size and shape, minimising joins and overlaps.

The turf industry is involved in research into quantifying soil losses on slopes in new developments, road construction and identifying the most cost effective ways of containing erosion. Results have conclusively shown that turf used in many ways to suit particular designs is far more effective than those being used at present.

Good for the Environment

Healthy turf has many benefits that are not only good for the environment, but your family as well.

Trials by a Florida University have shown that while so called ‘Xeriscape’ gardens used less water than turf in the first year of planting, each subsequent year water usage was progressively higher than turf, as the garden plants grew larger and roots reached deeper for water.

Infrared images of cities show a very impressive difference in reflected heat between gardens and lawns, as opposed to ‘Xeriscape’ areas, hard landscaping and artificial turf, not to mention the high temperatures created by roads, concrete and roofs.

The cooling effects of healthy lawns and trees, the carbon sink they create and their dust and noise suppression properties are all making good sense to city planners across the world, who are now incorporating more ‘green areas’ in their designs, even on the roofs of public buildings and high rises.

Research has also shown that in areas with very high CO2 pollution, trees will stop sequestering carbon, while turf continues unchecked.

The challenge for researchers is to continually produce and test new turf varieties that use less water and fertilizer, and expend less man hours in mowing and maintenance. This process is well underway in Australia at the Queensland Department of Primary Industries specialized turf facility at Redlands in Brisbane.

Tropical Lawns is committed to growing and supplying Cairns turf that is suited to tropical conditions, is disease and drought resistant and sustainable for the future. For more information, please contact Tropical Lawns on phone (07) 4056 1740 or email

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