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Cairns Turf – Landscaping & Feature Lawns

Tropical Lawns is now growing five varieties of grass highly suited as a perfect Cairns turf for your feature lawn.

Landscaping Lawns

When selecting turf for a landscaping lawn, the best types are those that compete well, to minimize weed problems later. In general landscaping, green couches are unsuitable as they grow long and spindly in cloudy conditions, are mowed short and become very weed prone. They also require lots of fertilizer. Tropical Lawns recommends the following varieties:

  • Tropical Buffalo (Broadleaf Carpetgrass). is the first choice for home owners. It is highly suited to clay soils and grows well in up to 70% shade. It's easy to mow and low maintenance. Buffalo is the only grass that can be shaved down after long intervals between mowing without scalping. It retains turf quality and remains competitive. Soils that hold some moisture are most suitable, not well drained sands.
  • Tropika Blue Couch. is similar to Queensland Blue, but has a wider leaf, is stronger and denser. Not suited to shade, this species is the best choice on coastal sands. It is also good in full sun on clay soils, preferably after adding a well-drained topsoil. This grass has a very attractive blue / green colour, hence its name.
  • Ozeboy (Zoysia Japonica). looks like blue couch but much more dense with small leaves. It is slow growing and needs little fertilizer. Highly attractive grass that requires full sun, mowing once every 3-4 weeks, removing only a little amount of clipping.
  • ZT-11 Zoysia. (hybrid) is very attractive, bright lime green in colour, very dense and a good competitior. It requires little fertilizer and can grow very slowly, requiring little mowing.
  • Shadetuff Zoysia (matrella) . is an excellent shade grass with good salt tolerance. It has very dense, dark green growth and has low growth, fertilizer and mowing rates.

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