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Tropical Lawns – Servicing the Cairns Turf Industry Needs

With over 20 years in the Cairns turf industry, Tropical Lawns has professional staff and specialised equipment to meet your needs.

Domestic Services include:

  • Free onsite advice on soil preparation, amendments & turf variety selection.
  • Obligation free quote to supply, or supply & lay.
  • Delivery or on-farm pick up.
  • Problem solving – difficult to kill weeds or pests, soil deficiencies, shade or salt affected areas etc.

Commercial & Sporting Services include:

  • Washed turf – bare rooted (no soil) to suit golf or bowling greens, turf wickets etc.
  • Field preparation – can offset disc, rip soil or overturn soil or grass to bury rocks and present a surface ready to plant in one pass.
  • Line planting – can plant turf on a new sports field, park or whole golf course for quick establishment.
  • Overplanting – opening an existing field and line plant another variety to achieve a certain mix, or use a new grass to overtake the old variety.
  • Stolonizing – planting sports field varieties by spreading and incorporating turf runners and rhizomes.
  • Top dressing – large scale spreading of sand or topsoil to fill holes or ruts and level fields or parks.

For more information on the above, please contact Tropical Lawns on phone (07) 4056 1740 email

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