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Cairns Turf Laying – Provided by Tropical Lawns

Tropical Lawns specializes in Cairns turf laying and are happy to provide obligation free quotes on your requirements.

Please note: there are a few important things to consider / action, prior to laying new turf.

  • Site preparation is the most basic element of establishing a new lawn. The area for turfing must have good surface drainage and preferably good internal drainage. Most clay based soils in the tropics have very poor drainage through the soil profile. This can be aided by rotary hoeing or tilling the soil and adding lime and / or gypsum plus organic matter, to make the soil friable.
  • Good topsoil added to the surface, before laying the new turf, will make all the difference between a healthy lawn with deep roots and one that takes many years to reach this status. Raw material suppliers usually carry lime, gypsum, fertilizer and a topsoil called Lawn Dressing, which contains sand and aged chicken manure. This is a good investment in the future health of your lawn.
  • Fertilize and prepare. Sandy soils have very little organic matter or water holding capacity and new turf will struggle to survive unless you improve the odds. This involves the addition of Dynamic Lifter fertilizer at 30Kg/100m2 and lime, hydrated lime or cement powder to lift the soil pH and increase its water and nutrient holding capacity.

Turf laying involves spreading a complete fertilizer like Nitraphoska Blue, laying turf to suit the lay of the land, rolling to press out any air pockets and watering as you lay each pallet. Watering for the first 10 days is critical. In hot weather, you should water in the heat of the day (middle of the day), at least twice a day, or the turf will dry out and probably not survive.

Tropical Lawns offers a professional laying service. They will come, measure and provide free advice before commencing the job. They will spread lime and gypsum if required.

Our commitment to your lawn is ongoing, anytime you need help with any aspect of maintaining a healthy, attractive, functional lawn; Tropical Lawns is only a phone call or e-mail away on (07) 4056 1740 /

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