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Cairns Line Planting – Tropical Lawns Can Help

Tropical Lawns can provide full soil tillage as well as offer three options on planting up parks, sports fields or golf courses.

  • Soil Tillage. Soil can be cultivated to required depths by tyning and disc ploughing, or by using a Blecavator, which is essentially a rotary hoe working in the opposite direction from a conventional machine. The Blecavator buries the rubbish from the surface to the bottom and filters out rocks which end up in the lower profile. This makes for a good planting surface.
  • Line Planting. Once the soil is ready, the required turf variety can be planted in lines close together, so that ground cover is achieved in a matter of weeks. This is called line planting and is a very efficient operation with outstanding results.
  • Overplanting. There are situations where a change of turf type is required, with minimal disturbance and cost. This can be achieved either by directly planting into the old variety, or spraying once with Roundup and then overplanting. Soil levels are unchanged and there is no surface disruption. Full cover is possible in 6-8 weeks from spraying out the old turf.

Tropical Lawns have the equipment and professional expertise to assist with your Cairns turf planting requirements, from soil tillage to planting and overplanting. Contact Tropical Lawns for an obligation free quote on (07) 4056 1740 or

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