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Cairns Turf Top Dressing – Tropical Lawns Can Help

Tropical Lawns can provide professional advice and assistance on all of Cairns’ turf top dressing needs, from the home to the professional sports field.

  • Top dressing. To fill in holes or undulations in new or old parks / sports fields, it is sometimes necessary to spread a sand or topsoil to a depth of 10 to 20mm. Tropical Lawns have the specialist machinery to achieve a very even spread, quickly and efficiently. A spreader bar or heavy mesh can be dragged over the surface to move material from the high spots, to fill in the low areas for the finished result.

Top dressing is best completed as a part of the renovation process in the off season. Tropical Lawns recommends fertilizing prior to top dressing, to energize the turf to grow through and spread into the areas without cover.

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