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Zoysia Grass – For a Better Environment

Zoysia species are native to tropical and temperate parts of south and eastern Asia and the tropics of northern Australia. They form dense mats of grass and are slow, low growing. Zoysias are tough grasses used to surviving with low nutrition and varying water quality.

Tropical Lawns grows four species and one hybrid variety. They grow in tough conditions, with many benefits. If they have a downside, it is that mowing needs to be managed well. Many people see that they are slow and leave mowing for months, then find it very hard to mow. The correct procedure is to mow every three to four weeks, removing one third of the leaf area at a time.

    Tropical Lawns is committed to growing and supplying Cairns turf that is suited to tropical conditions, is disease and drought resistant and sustainable for the future. For more information, please contact Tropical Lawns on phone (07) 4056 1740 email

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